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The Andsoy Cooking Blender is a multifunctional kitchen appliance, made of high-quality stainless steel, for the creation of:

  • vegetable drinks made from grains, beans and nuts, such as soy drinks, rice drinks and almond drinks
  • porridge, congee
  • baby food
  • various types of soups
  • smoothies.

Above all, herbal drinks can be prepared quickly and easily with the AND SOY cooking blender.

Homemade soy drinks, rice drinks and almond drinks are made from selected natural ingredients, making them a healthy alternative to processed products. The homemade drinks not only taste better, but they are also up to 80% cheaper than comparable products. 500g of organic soy beans from Austria cost €2,55 at AND SOY. For 1,5liters of homemade soy drink one uses 90g soy beans. Thus, 1liter of the homemade soy drink only costs 30cents. A soy drink from the supermarket can cost between €1,50 and €2,00 per liter.

For the sake of our environment, this way of cooking can also save a lot of packaging materials.

You can prepare wonderful foods with the AND SOY Cooking Blender in no time.

Not only soy drinks, but many different foods; soups, raw food soups, porridge, rice congee, smoothies and baby food are just some of the options.

Take a look at our suggestions that you will find in our recipe book.

Your imagination knows no boundaries with the AND SOY Cooking Blender.

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Delicious foods, perfect design, easy operation.

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