Strengthen the core: with warm homemade soups

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the stomach and spleen channels are responsible for digestion. In TCM one speaks of the “core”. Our centre for processing foods and our energies. We have to strengthen it and protect it from burdens. Industrially processed products which are full of refined sugars, preservatives and artificial flavours strain the core. Comparably, so do baked / fried foods, cold drinks and ice cream.

Homemade warm meals made from organic and regional seasonal ingredients strengthens our core. The best thing we can do for our core is to prepare warm soups from high quality ingredients.

But: cooking yourself – isn’t that expensive?

No! Healthy home-cooked soups do not have to be expensive at all. The best and healthiest dishes are often the simplest. In addition, there are now ingenious “kitchen gadgets” – the AND SOY cooking blender – which make many things even easier. The cooking process is simple and fast: add the ingredients to the jug, select a program and after 12 to 30 minutes without having to worry, you can serve the dish. No need to even stir or check. The appliance even keeps your soups warm for up to 1 hour.

Give your imagination free rein and try it out! Guten Appetit!