What we eat affects our body. Food can heal us, relieve us from any discomforts and it can strengthen our core. This knowledge has consciously been used in China for millennia and also works well in the Austrian kitchen.

An old Chinese saying is “ 同源“. This translates to: “Medicine and nutrition stem from the same origin”. In TCM, there is no distinction made between medicine and food. In order to maintain balance and harmony within the human body, one should first strive for appropriate nutrition.

Because we eat and drink every day, it is important to adjust our diet to our type, our health and the current season. We can then make an important contribution to the prevention of diseases. Many diseases are usually curable with a modified diet.

One doesn’t need exotic ingredients to consume according to the far Eastern traditions. Even with local ingredients, our foods can become therapeutic.

According to TCM foods are remedies that can be individually tailored to the composition of a person. Because every dish contains Yin and Yang features. Similar to medicinal herbs, foods have an energetic effect on the body.

How foods affect our body:

Consistent with the temperature behavior, a food is energetically hot, warm, neutral, cool or cold. All have a different effect on our energetic balance.

  Each of the five flavors and modes of functioning: sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty, have a unique effect on the five organ-function-cycles of the liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys.

The directional way of working: ascending, hovering, descending and falling, describe the direction of movement that the food has on Qi. TCM nutrition.