Using AND SOY couldn’t be simpler…

Make any milk you can imagine at the touch of a button. And out comes the creamiest, freshest, most unbelievably delicious nut milk of my life. Thank you!
Clara S.
20 March 2024

I love it

I make various nut milk and pumpkin soup with the mixer. It brings much happiness when waking up with warm and healthy drinks.

Laura Z.
3 December 2022

Impressive machine in form and function

AND SOY is an impressive machine in form and function. It’s design and integrity make it a true pleasure to use for a delicious and dynamic range of foods. I’m grateful to be able to make many different non-dairy milks with my own preferred ingredients and no wasteful packaging. Making soup has never been easier or more efficient.
Renée Loux, chef, author, educator, entrepreneur
9 February 2022

Homemade soup

I love homemade soup, but to make it for one person is a chore. Figured I’d give AND SOY Maker a try. I threw in about 6 chopped tomatoes, a few garlic cloves, a chopped onion, some basil, salt, pepper, a couple of blow torched Italian peppers and a little olive oil. And 30 minutes later I had the freshest, tastiest tomato soup. Added a bit of butter and sour cream on top and I was in heaven! If you like soup, are single or a pair, this is the gadget to get now winter is setting in!

Anna R.
14 November 2021

I have used it almost every day!!!

Since buying this wonderful little machine, I have used it almost every day!!! I have made soymilk, almond milks, walnut milk, and numerous soups both chunky and smooth. This unit is about the easiest thing to use and the possibilities are endless. So pleased, happy to recommend this product.

Mike S.
6 October 2021

Easy to use and easy to clean

I love this soup maker! Vegetable soup is one of my favorite ways to get in the nutrients of veggies with minimal effort. Simply throw all your ingredients in the AND SOY maker and let the machine cook and blend to your desired consistency. It’s simple to clean with no hard to reach spots or crevices, doesn’t take up too much space and is of excellent quality.

Roxana T.
23 June 2021

Great blender and inspiring recipe ideas

Dear And-Soy team, I really enjoy using your blender and equally inspired by the recipe ideas. I especially love the chickpea tofu

Maxi S.
18 May 2021

Very impressed!

Thanks 🙂 By the way, I am very excited about the result. Have for the first time made soy milk myself) and just baked sweet fritters from the okara 🙂
I hope the oat and lupine milk will be just as great!

Nicole N.
21 February 2021

Even my husband cooks now!

My husband thought yesterday that the AND SOY is a sensible purchase. He cooked really tasty lentil (baa) soup in it and was thrilled! Thanks for the inspiration.

Elke L.
1 December 2020

Used every day!

I bought one from ANDSOY last year at the Vegan Fair at Mak and I am very pleased.
We use it almost daily for milk and soups.

Peter G.
29 November 2020

I love it!

I love it ! I am since today the proud owner of an and soy and have just eaten the beet soup. But, that you can also make hummus, that’s the icing on the cake.

23 September 2020

highly enthusiastic!!

Thank you so much for the cooking mixer. I have never eaten such a fine soup. I am also highly enthusiastic and this product receives from me predicate very valuable. Right now I am making apprentice drink and then next I will make tofu. Many thanks

L. Trosi
14 March 2020

Great recipes!

It’s such a great tool and I’ve tried such great recipes with it: soups, nut milks, applesauce….

Birgit L.
13 January 2020

Great packaging!

Thank you very much, the products have arrived.
Great packaging and everything is great!
Super that there are also such nice instructions and tips!
Thank you and all the best!

Claudia D.
10 January 2020


Dear AND SOY Team, thank you very much for this great invention!

Eva M.
14 May 2019