We are a part of Nature. Heaven, earth and people live together as one entity. In nature the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) are considered the basic materials. These five elements do not invariably represent themselves but are in transformation, movement and interaction. Frequently they are therefore also referred to as ‘transformation phases’. One also follows this idea within the human body and its internal and external interactions.

Wood is the functional group associated with our liver – gallbladder cycle. The heart – small intestine cycle belong to Fire. Plants grow up from the Earth, which relates to the spleen – stomach cycle. The lungs and large intestine are assigned to Metal. Without water plants do not grow. Water is a very important feature for us and our kidneys and bladder are assigned to it.

To establish a healthy physiological relationship between the five transformation phases we require stimulation, and at the same time control and inhibition are necessary. This ensures that there is a harmonic balance between the cycles.