• 250g Okara
  • 250g wholemeal spelt flour (or buckwheat flour, cornmeal, etc)
  • 100g sesame seeds (and / or linseeds, sunflower seeds)
  • 1 tsp rock salt
  • 6 Tbsp sunflower oil


  • Okara is the soy pulp consisting of the insoluble parts of the soy bean that remains in the production of soy milk. Okara is of course rich in proteins, fibres and magnesium, but in its natural form rather tasteless. Okara can be used in many different ways, as a spread, in the dough, etc. This crisp bread tastes super awesome and is really crispy and delicious! It worth making soy milk just to get the Okara!
  • Of course you can also mix paprika, caraway, cinnamon, or curry into the crispbread dough.
  • Okara has a shelf life of up to five days in the fridge. You can also freeze it if you have no time or desire to use it immediately.


  • Mix all of the ingredients and knead into a smooth dough.
  • If the dough is still crumbly (depending on the humidity of the Okara), carefully add 1-2 teaspoons of water.
  • Divide the dough into 2-3 parts and roll it out thinly onto baking paper (or slightly thicker if desired). Prior to rolling the dough you should rub over the rolling pin with oiled fingers. Then the dough does not stick!
  • Pierce the rolled dough regularly with a fork
  • Put the baking tray into the oven and bake at 180°C for approx. 25-40 minutes to the desired browning.
  • Open the oven door occasionally.
  • Cool and cut or break the crispbread into any shape.