Perhaps you still remember my posts on fasting in TCM and on rice congee? This simple dish is not just for fasting, it can also function as a breakfast meal. It is especially recommended when experiencing an irritated or sensitive stomach, a gastrointestinal virus or digestive problems. Since I had my congee today as a normal breakfast and not in the context of a cure, I have spiced it up a bit.


Basis: Rice congee


  • warm berries
  • applesauce (sugar free)
  • walnuts
  • linseed
  • coconut chips
  • raw cocoa nibs (definitely worth a try!)
  • grated orange peel

Note: the classic rice congee with grated orange peel is considered a therapeutic breakfast for the “stressed liver”, i.e. for stress, anger, pressure etc.


Because I did not have the time to cook the congee for 2 hours this morning, I prepared it in the AND SOY blender. Simply add rice and water to the AND SOY, choose program 3 and start. It’s done in 30 minutes!

Note: you will receive a small goodie when ordering the cooking blender with the code “eatwhatfeelsgood”.