One of our customers wrote a fantastic song about AND SOY! Have a listen! (It is sung in the German language).

I do not understand why many people resist
just sticking to a healthy diet …
Thanks to “AND SOY” it would be so easy
because all you need for conscious nutrition is a cooking blender!

A noble stainless-steel pot, blender included,
creates a vegan milk alternative,
with soy, oats, almonds, cashews or rice
and at a ridiculous price per litre.

Place the ingredients inside, press play and have a rest.
You will make soymilk and Co. comfortably from home!
Also, smoothies, soups, and baby porridge
are included in the potential “AND SOY” portfolio.

So, don’t wait any longer and order your device!
Even as a Christmas present it is not too late …
Bring your loved one “Homemade Joy”,
or just enjoy the magic of “AND SOY”!