AND SOY – the easy alternative to blenders & juicers

Today I’ll show you how to prepare a super quick and easy alternative to juicing and blending the vegetable & fruit mix for your dog.

Preparing raw vegetables and fruits quickly brought my hand mixer and me to our limits. The juicer has been my best solution so far, but cleaning all the parts alone takes forever … And with the use of both, the hand mixer and the juicer, my kitchen always looked like a battlefield.

I am therefore happy to have found AND Soy. I do not only make my own almond drinks and delicious soups, but also Lilly’s Vegetable & Fruit Mix.

The preparation is really easy, I just have to rinse a container and it only takes a few minutes.

I summarized the preparation in a short video for you. Let’s go.

With the addition of water, the vegetable & fruit mix is ​​a little thinner, but I’ve noticed that Lilly is eating it. And not only more of it, she licks the bowl clean. For dogs who generally drink less water it is great, because the fluid intake is something that is increased.

Sustainability in the bowl:

Tip 1: For Lilly’s Vegetable & Fruit Mix, I stick to the BARF rules as far as the ingredients are concerned, but I use leftover fruit and vegetables. This time, for example, I used our extra chard, parsley which did not look too nice anymore and an apple that had a brown spot. Nobody in my family would have eaten it. For Lilly, I just cut away the brown spot. Now I throw away less food. You could also ask for fruit and vegetables at the market or at the organic store, which was sorted out because it was not “pretty” enough to sell.

Tip 2: To avoid garbage and especially plastic waste, I fill up glass containers/jars with the vegetable & fruit mix and freeze them. That’s enough for many weeks and I do not have to prepare fruit and vegetables for Lilly every day. When freezing in glass, it is important that you only fill half of the container/jar and use the widest possible glasses, then they do not jump if the content expands when frozen. For the first 24 hours, I put the glasses without a lid in the freezer, only the next day I close the glasses then, so you can avoid that the glass jumps when freezing. If you do not want to use glasses, you can also use organic plastic bags or metal cans. In contrast to ordinary freezer bags, these are completely recyclable and thus do not produce unnecessary waste.

Tip 3: I use AND SOY to make almond and cashew milk myself. This not only tastes incredibly good (especially when the milk is quite fresh and still lukewarm), but also saves a lot of money. For the preparation I do not need more than a handful of nuts (I also add dates and cinnamon, which is soooo delicious), which is much cheaper than a litre of almond milk, which costs around 3 € in our health food store. And what I really like is that I do not produce waste in this way because I do not have to buy and dispose of packaging. #ZeroWaste


BARF: Make vegetables & fruits Mix yourself


This is how the device looks (picture above) and (picture below) here you can see the finished fruit & vegetable mix on Lilly’s food. In addition to the meat and fruit & vegetables, Lilly gets sunflower seeds from time to time and a little oil once a day.


BARF: Make vegetables & fruits Mix yourself


AND SOY also makes bamboo and corn plates. The two measuring cups are made of this water-neutral and environmentally friendly material. To my surprise, the plates are dishwasher safe and like plastic they do not break if you let them fell, only the plastic compared to this material is unfortunately a high environmental impact. We already love the plates and have them in daily use.

Have a look at, there are great recipes and even more information about the AND SOY cooking blender. It’s also worth taking a look at our Facebook and Instagram pages if you want to learn more.

FREE: If you order an AND SOY cooking blender on, you’ll get a 4-piece set of bamboo plates for free with the code: Happydoglife!


BARF: Make vegetable & fruit Mixes yourself

I hope you liked the article and the video, let me know what you think about it and how you are currently producing fruit & vegetable mixes for your dog. Do you also love almond and cashew milk as much as I do?